MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Joins John Di Lemme LIVE on the Biden Scam Series

In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, MyPIllow CEO Mike Lindell joins John Di Lemme on the Biden Scam series.

Mike and John discuss the overwhelming 2020 election fraud, traveling America on the March for Trump bus, and how President Trump will stop the Democrats for stealing the election.

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  1. Thank you for getting the truth out, the American people need awaked to the real reality, if they don’t stand up for there Freedom, the Constitution, Religious Freedoms, and the second amendment as we can’t let them take our rights to bare arms, there has been a silent warfare for decades with street drugs, Pharmakia big Pharma that have been weakening the infrastructure from within, as they try to divide us with racism, you know all this but there are so many Americans that don’t,who have been brain washed. I am in a real fight with this Leftest crooked Dems as I know they are behind it, my son was taken away from me a year ago this past November by this organization that calls itself life stream, he was 14 at the time and is soon to be 16 years old this Jan, I as a single mother exposed a lot of criminal activity going on in our school systems and sent a email to President Trump, I am also a 2 year River Bible college graduate student that on a crusade went to Washington DC at the Constitutional Hall, than to every congressman and senators office to personally hand deliver the book that Dr. Rodney Howard Browne wrote, the killing of Uncle Sam. My son’s and I were Targeted by drug dealers as I have another son who is 19, they put my oldest son in the hospital after robbing and beating him up. I called DCF numerous times and the sheriff’s department in Hillsborough county where this all took place at, I also went to the schools to speak to principals. I exhausted every avenue trying to get help as my home was broken into by these drug dealers and me and my three children were threatened with our life, I armed myself to defend me and my children as I sent a warning shot from my home with drug dealers watching me letting them know that I was armed and willing to fight to the finish to save my family from harm. A neighbor witnessed this disturbance and called the sheriff’s as they arrived to my home asking for my gun and than handcuffed me taking me to a mental hospital where they than drugged me and kept me for 7days, they placed my son in the states Custody, I have done nothing wrong as I was trying to defend my constitutinal rights by protecting my family. This organization has had my son now for over a year telling me that I got to do all these different things and continue to take medications before I can get my son back, as they also said I had to do a phycological evaluation by Phycologist who are willing to put whatever lies that they want in the Evaluation as they used another person’s arrest charges with wrong birthday who wasn’t me as I have no criminal or mental background but they lied stating that I was parnoid schizophrenia, I proved all this to be a lie, with my medical discharge records having to fight for months and months as the organization changed social workers more than three times stating they half to resend for my records because they only put the consent in the social workers name and not the organization. These people are making money off of my son as it is in the thousands the state and government get funded to them by doing this, I than moved to Bethlehem, GA and they are now saying that they can’t get Georgia to approve and act called ICPC and that it could take another 6 months or longer before I can get my son back, my son is completely torn as he has been bullied in foster homes and they had him doing drugs as in the care of the state. He also got a criminal charge of going into a unlocked car as he was trying to escape, they than put him in a in patient treatment facility where he has been for more than 90 days, and they are trying to keep him even longer as they are even given him phycosis medications as well. I am telling you this to try and get my story out as I need help with the public knowing what they are doing to me and my son, as I feel I am not the only parent who is going through this nightmare. I don’t know if there is anything you can do to help get this story out to let the people know how they took away my constitutinal rights to defend my family from drug dealers who had done physical harm to my son and threatened to kill me. This organization
    life Stream out of Tampa are still refusing to let me have my son giving me one excuse after another. I have a public defender but he is worthless going along with whatever this place wants to do to keep my son away from me, I need real legal help as I feel this organization needs sued for this mental anguish they are putting me and my son through. Thank you to read my story as I am fighting for not only my rights but the American peoples rights.


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