Our Loyal Listeners Love the Conservative Business Journal Podcast!

Here are Some Real Reviews from Real People Just Like You…

Carol Grant

"The Conservative Business Journal Podcast news gives me another view, the right view of what is happening in this country. Without the CBJ Podcast, I would not know the REAL news!"

- Carol Grant, Lawyer, Florida

Pressley Stutts

“The Conservative Business Journal podcasts are an indispensable tool that provide me with intelligent, truthful and unfiltered insight and perspective in a FAKE news world. The willingness of the host, John Di Lemme, and guests to speak the unabashed truth is an act of courage in this age of lies, deceit and misinformation.”

- Pressley Stutts, Ret. Navy Chaplain, South Carolina

Christen Adolfi

"It's simply amazing to hear what you never hear on any other news source. I love the Conservative Business Journal Podcasts and John Di Lemme’s commitment to provide Real News that keeps me aware of what’s really going on in America."

– Christen Adolfi, Realtor, New York

Mark Smith

"Trustworthy…that’s the one word that I would use to describe the Conservative Business Journal Podcast. There’s so much fake news out there that I don’t know what to believe anymore, but I know that I can trust John Di Lemme to only share the truth from trustworthy sources."

– Mark Smith, Construction Company Owner, Florida

Angie Outen

“I really enjoy the CBJ podcasts because they get the real facts told directly from the people that experience it. You hear it just the way it is plus these are topics that other news sources do not broadcast. The podcasts are so informative and let you know how lives have changed as a direct result of the Conservative Movement. Love listening!

- Angie Outen, Gym Owner, North Carolina

Frankie J

“I like the Conservative Business Journal podcast, because the founders, John and Christie Di Lemme, have a burning desire to operate their business with integrity… By giving us the real news and standing up for our Christian, conservative, American values.

- Frankie J, Musician, California

Hallie Minich

"I’m blown away by the caliber of guests that John Di Lemme has on this podcast and what they are doing to bring real change to America. Plus I always hear important information that the other news outlets don’t share."

– Hallie Minich, Entrepreneur, Ohio