Trump Campaign Photographer Gene Ho Exposes the Truth about President Trump and His Family

Trump Photographer Gene Ho - Conservative Business Journal - John Di Lemme

In this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, John Di Lemme interviews Trump Campaign photographer Gene Ho about what President Trump is really like behind the scenes and what he learned from Melania Trump.

Plus Gene shares the truth about President Trump and what the liberal media doesn’t want the American people to know about this great man that forever shaped our nation.

This interview was recorded LIVE on the CBJ Real News Show – The Biden Scam Series.

Listen to the full interview with Gene Ho here…

Watch this powerful interview with John Di Lemme and Gene Ho on the CBJ Real News Show here…


John Di Lemme and Trump Photographer Gene Ho
John Di Lemme & Gene Ho

Gene Ho Trumpography - Conservative Business Journal

To learn more about Gene Ho and get your copy of his book, TRUMPography, go to 

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  1. John, I tried to listen to the Gene Ho interview, but there is only ‘crackling noise.’ Can you fix that?
    Jan Stevens

    • Hello Jan…I just checked the audio and it’s fine. Try adjusting your headsets, device you are listening on, etc. Thank you for listening to the Conservative Business Journal Podcast!


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