Right now, many business owners and entrepreneurs are stressed out, overwhelmed, and worried as they wait for the coronavirus to stop spreading so they can get back to business.

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This is absolutely understandable, but remember the old saying…

“Never let them see you sweat!”  

Well, this is particularly true in business.  No matter what adversity we are facing, our customers should always see us representing ourselves and our business with nothing less than a standard of excellence.

Think about it…

We’ve all walked into a business and felt like we weren’t wanted.  Or we’ve called a business with a question only to be dismissed and treated poorly.  No one likes that especially when you’re giving them hard-earned your money!

So, what’s the tip here? Be polite and positive. 

Everyone in the world is being affected by the coronavirus in one way or another so no one wants to hear sob stories about what anyone else is experiencing.  This will drive customers away.

When they call your business or if you call them, what do they hear in your voice?

– Do they hear someone that values them as a customer, and they can count on to provide a product or service that exceeds their expectations?


– Do they hear someone that has a poor, pitiful me attitude that is talking more about the coronavirus than their product/service?

During this shutdown, communication is key to maintaining relationships with your customers and offering them specials to market your product/service. But you must be in the right frame of mind to do that.

I always tell my coaching clients…only pickup the phone if you know your customers can feel you’re authentically happy to be speaking with them. 

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Plus customers are looking for something positive right now. There’s enough negativity.  So, be one of the people in their lives that they can count on to be upbeat and focused on serving them.

Lastly, it’s important that your employees or team members are also polite to your customers. Make your expectations clear and be a good role model so they can follow your lead. 

When you have a positive, polite attitude, it will become a part of what you are known for in business. Your customers won’t hesitate to do business with you, because they know that they are appreciated and treated with respect. 

Plus they will tell everyone that they know about you!

Imagine that…a boatload of referrals just for being nice, which will ultimately lead to building long-term customer relationships that support your business for years to come!

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Let’s Keep America Great and Prosperous Together!

John Di Lemme

P.S. This tip is directly from my soon to be released book, “Making Capitalism Great Again – How to Maximize America’s Booming Economy Plus the ABCs of Socialism Versus Capitalism” – www.MakingCapitalismGreatAgain.com 

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