A disturbing act of religious desecration took place in Portland over the weekend when violent protesters burned bibles and an American flag.

RNC National Spokesperson, Liz Harrington, shared a short snippet of a video on Twitter of two people tearing pages out of a book then tossing it into the blaze. Other videos on line provided more crisp resolution and audio showing that, indeed, at least some of the books being consumed that night were Bibles. A homemade Black Lives Matter sign sits next to the figure in the foreground of the video.

Various trash and plywood pilfered from nearby holed-up businesses trying to protect their storefronts served as fuel. This was throughout the different stages of the blaze that took place towards the end of Friday and into the early morning of Saturday near the courthouse.

Chad Wolfe, acting secretary of DHS previously confirmed the withdrawal of some federal troops from the city. Despite much ballyhoo over this measure from state and local officials, active destruction of property and general hazards continue in the city. One example was the garage entrance to the federal courthouse being attacked by rioters with an improvised battering ram.  

The Marxist and revolutionary language interrupting the full video from coarse bullhorns indicates this Bible burning is part of the general communist message of the attempt at a scorched earth policy of existing institutions and belief systems.

Numerous commentators have noted the haunting familiarity of burning a book to the infamous Austrian and German propaganda of the same practice during the 1930s. However, this is America, and it’s time to restore law and order in our cities.


Listen to this Conservative Business Journal Podcast with John Di Lemme and Liz Harrington, National Spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, who exposes how Joe Biden and liberals will destroy America.


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