Statues of Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt on horseback were sent tumbling off plinths in Portland this past weekend during the “Day of Rage” to protest Columbus Day.

Agitators met near the Burnside Bridge and walked to the South Park Block neighborhood. Dressed in black, welding night sticks and shields, they pulverized the glass front of the Oregon Historical Society along the way. In their wake, the rind of its door and wall frames stood among piles of broken cubed-glass.

Unlike other police-reform protests this summer and early fall, the consistent unrest and frequent violence in Portland recently carried into a fourth month.

The “Day of Rage” may be a reference to the riot and statue-bombing of October 1969 in Chicago. The incident was tied to the Weathermen; a counterculture political terrorist group of the 60s and 70s.

The main grievances towards Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt in relation to Indigenous or native peoples are Roosevelt’s “allotment” policy and Lincoln’s execution of 38 Dakota Indians involved in an Indian War of 1862.

Under Roosevelt’s allotment plan, he incentivized citizenship for Native Americans by granting them land ownership preferences but also awarding to white American’s the land of non-citizen natives.

Additionally, the essential animus towards all Western establishments as colonialist, racist and evil by default has been a driving force in the Portland riots that were originally a response to the arrest and death of George Floyd.

Police did not forcibly halt the riots until an hour after one of the statues was tumbled.

Immediately after midnight on Saturday, Portland police tweeted “We have gotten reports of windows being broken in numerous buildings. This gathering has been declared a riot.” 

The weak response of city leaders in Portland and the hamstringing of police has become a contention between president Trump and these leaders. “These are Biden fools. ANTIFA RADICALS. Get them FBI, and get them now!” 

Trump Tweet - Conservative Business Journal - Portland

The violence on this night differed in that organizers reportedly instructed those involved to not record the dislodging of the statues.

An apartment dweller who was recording certain events from a balcony was accosted with lasers and told to cease the recording.

The emboldening of agitators is likely related to Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt’s recent disclosures on prosecution. 974 cases were referred by Portland Police since the beginning of late May of this year. Less than one-tenth were charged as felonies along with a paltry 33 misdemeanor cases.

If you do not punish criminals, then they will continue to commit crimes and destroy cities like Portland.


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