The fear based news media outlets are overwhelming Americans with the worst of the worst news about the coronavirus. This leaves our citizens in fear and causes widespread panic.

There is hope on the horizon, and the Trump administration is making serious strides daily to stop the spread of the coronavirus so that Americans can get back to normal, everyday life in the greatest country in the world.

Here are *7* Positive News Coronavirus Updates that you won’t hear from the fear based news media outlets…

#1. 3 Maryland coronavirus patients fully recovered.

Governor Larry Hogan announced March 5, 2020 that a married couple in their seventies and a woman in her fifties who had traveled on an Egyptian cruise down the Nile River tested positive for the virus.  All three have now been cleared and have resumed their normal daily life.

#2. Tulsa’s first positive COVID-19 case has recovered.

The man, who had recently traveled to Italy, was announced as Oklahoma’s first COVID-19 patient on March 6. Since then, he has tested negative for the virus twice, the Tulsa Health Department reported.

#3. Apple reopened all 42 retail stores in China. 

“It feels to me that China is getting the coronavirus under control,” CEO Tim Cook said in an interview with Fox Business two weeks ago. “I mean you look at the numbers, they’re coming down day by day by day. And so I’m very optimistic there.”

#4: There is plenty of food in United States.

While your grocery store shelves may be temporarily void of certain items, there is absolutely no food shortage in America.  Items are moving through the supply chains, but due to demand, are taking additional time to get to the stores. 

Hoarding has also caused a shortage of household products and various foods due to shoppers buying 3 to 5 times more than the usual. However, there is absolutely no shortage of food or life sustaining supplies in our country.

#5: China has closed down all 16 coronavirus hospitals in the epicenter of Wuhan.

All patients have been released, and there are not enough new cases to support keeping the hospitals open.  
#6:  A 103-year-old Chinese grandmother has made a full recovery from coronavirus.

She was able to recover quickly in less than a week, because she didn’t have underlying health conditions.  Another centenarian who was infected with the coronavirus just after his 101st birthday has recovered after spending a week in hospital. 

#7. You are reading this which means you are ALIVE and hungry for positive news that adds value to your life.

Stay strong and turn off the negative news! Only read and listen to positive, empowering news like you receive through the Conservative Business Journal.  

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In conclusion, the coronavirus crisis will pass, and our country will rise above from the turmoil that it has caused.

After all, the last three letters in American is “I CAN” so it’s inevitable that we will be come out on the other side stronger than ever before.

John Di Lemme

John Di Lemme is a speaker, author, capitalism strategist, and founder of the Conservative Business Journal with a team of 20+ contributors. He has built one of the top Conservative news sites feared by the fake news with a proven Alexa ranking. John is also host of the absolutely explosive Conservative Business Journal Podcast news media series featuring over 200 guests, the who’s who in the Conservative Movement. Every guest is hand-picked exclusively by John based on their commitment to stand firm on their conservative values and never cower to the liberal left. He is a fierce fighter and protector of Conservative values that are the foundation of America. John has over two decades of experience traveling the world as a Conservative capitalism strategist, elite speaker, top podcaster, and accomplished author of over 20 books including his soon to be released book “Making Capitalism Great Again – How to Maximize America’s Booming Economy Plus the ABCs of Socialism versus Capitalism.”


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