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The Conservative Business Journal is a Real News Media Movement Whose Time has Come to Counterattack the Radical Left’s Socialist Agenda to Destroy America that’s Happening Right Now as You are Reading This…

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We Refuse to Cower Down to Any News Outlet, Media Company, or Back Away from Controversial Topics!

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This Conservative Business Journal Media outlet educates the American people on how to preserve the foundational values that our country was founded on and empowers them to fight against socialism through a strategic two-pronged approach...

Strategic Approach #1: Online War Against the Liberal Media Flooding the Internet through the Conservative Business Journal Website

We deliver the Real News about the conservative movement through articles, reports, videos, photos, etc. by John Di Lemme and our Team of over 20 Conservative writers not being published and aired on the liberal news networks.

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For those that may not know, Alexa rank is a global ranking system that ranks millions of websites in order of popularity. It’s proof that the tremendous content that we post on a daily basis is reaching the masses.

Plus the sad fact is that some so-called Conservative News outlets won’t even go near issues that we report on and publish daily.

Strategic Approach #2: Conservative Business Journal Podcast News Media Series with Over 120+ Episodes in Our Library and Growing Larger and Larger Everyday

The CBJ Podcast is the Ultimate Game Changer that has exploded our online presence as we make a monumental impact in the podcasting world!

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Fmr Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell

Pastor Paula White, Trump Spiritual Adviser

Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA Foudner

Fmr. NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik

Liz Wheeler, Host “Tipping Point”

Fmr. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer

Plus other American Patriots on hundreds of episodes growing by the day!

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No one else is even close!

Our guests are Conservative leaders, influencers, authors, heroes, and every day Americans sharing their voices.

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Let's Keep America Great and Safe from Socialists...

John Di Lemme