The Continental Congress voted in favor of independence on July 2, 1776, and two days later delegates from the 13 colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence drafted by Thomas Jefferson.

From 1776 to the present day, July 4th has been celebrated as the birth of American independence with fireworks, parades, barbecues, and family festivities. It’s our time to show our love for the country that we call home.

During his speech at Mount Rushmore on July 3, 2020, President Donald J. Trump shared his love for the country and reignited our fire to stand up and fight for our nation that the socialist, liberal left is trying to destroy.

Watch President Trump’s entire speech here plus enjoy other tremendous speakers at this glorious celebration of America…

It’s our responsibility to protect America from those trying to destroy it. The most powerful weapon that you have in this fight for our country is your vote.

Vote to re-elect Donald J. Trump as President in November 2020. Plus vote Republican in all elections so that we not only have power in the Senate and House, but also our local communities.


President Trump always puts America first and truly cares about all Americans. Listen to my Conservative Business Journal Podcast with President Trump’s first press secretary, Sean Spicer, as he shares who Donald J. Trump really is behind the scenes and how he’s kept all of his promises …


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John Di Lemme

John Di Lemme is a speaker, author, capitalism strategist, conservative political commentator, and founder of the Conservative Business Journal with a team of 20+ contributors. He has built one of the top Conservative news sites feared by the fake news with a proven Alexa ranking. John is also the host of the nightly CBJ Real News Show and the absolutely explosive Conservative Business Journal Podcast news media series featuring over 160 guests, the who’s who in the Conservative Movement. Every guest is hand-picked exclusively by John based on their commitment to stand firm on their conservative values and never cower to the liberal left. He is a fierce fighter and protector of Conservative values that are the foundation of America. John has over two decades of experience traveling the world as a Conservative capitalism strategist, elite speaker, top podcaster, and accomplished author of over 20 books including his soon to be released book... “Making Capitalism Great Again – How to Maximize America’s Booming Economy Plus the ABCs of Socialism versus Capitalism.”


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