A crowd gathered along Southern Boulevard in West Palm Beach today. Hundreds of people waited to greet the President’s motorcade on the road that connects Mar-a-Lago to the Palm Beach Airport.

Patriots, conservatives, veterans, immigrants, business owners, Latinos, and women were among the group who came to thank their President, Donald J. Trump.

There were Stop The Steal signs, signs that read “Welcome Back,” and many that said “Thank  You!” There were a few that read, “You Are My President” and “Biden’s Not My President.”

Trump - Sign - Palm beach


The gratitude and excitement to see the man who improved their economy, helped their businesses, fought for their rights and freedom, was palpable. There were many Trump/Pence signs and flags with the Pence’s name covered with duct tape.

When asked why she covered Pence’s name up, a woman said,” I only care about Trump. Trump only.” The man she was with said, “Pence is a swamp creature.”

Trump - Palm Beach - Mar a Lago - Conservative Business Journal - John Di Lemme3


Across the street, a man in his back yard with two American flags could be seen standing, holding onto a fence next to his walker. A patriot who could not move close enough to be with the crowd, and yet wanted his voice to be heard.

Glimpses of conversations could be heard, “why do you think Pence did what he did?” a man nearby asked.  “I don’t know, I have no idea” replied the woman he was with. Another couple drove all the way down from Vero Beach to see the President.

As the police cars started rolling by, a Sherriff deputy told the crowd to stay back, keep on the sidewalk. Then, the motorcade was visible.  As it approached the start of the crowd, it slowed way down to a crawling pace. People were screaming with excitement as President Trump waved to the crowd.

“Don’t worry,” the deputy closest to me said, “you’ll definitely get to the see The President.”

The first of 3 vehicles came by, Trump smiled and waved, you could see him through the glass.

Trump - Conservative Business Journal - Mar a Lago


People around me shouted, “Thank you! We love you,” then the crowd started chanting, “We love you, we love you” and some people started running alongside the motorcade, trying to keep up with the President.

After the motorcade passed by, the crowd dispersed, and the road opened up to traffic again. Passing drivers honked their horns or gave thumbs up in support of the President. 

A young man talking to his friend said, “That was cool. I got to see the President. I got my voice heard.”  A smaller group of women and men stayed to wave their Trump flags, and smile at other Patriots passing by on the corner of Southern and Parker.

Trump 2020 Mar-a-Lago


Despite the “dark winter” promised by incoming President Biden, despite the illegal votes, despite all of the accusations hurled at President Trump by the media and some Republicans, despite all of the attempts to ruin him, this group of Americans and 75+ million others still love Donald J. Trump. 

The fight for the future of America has just begun!

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