President Trump made his case for determining potential fraud in last month’s election during an expansive speech.

He used hand-held graphs and detailed last-minute mail-in ballot changes, failed polling, and signature requirements being removed.

The President cited six-figure ballot dumps and other massive inconsistencies in battleground states. Examples include…

149,772 vote ballot dump at 6:31am in Michigan on November 4th

690,000-plus vote margin he held on the same day in Pennsylvania which was widely reported across (hostile) news media sources

News media have continued to hemorrhage spotty fact-checks and shock over “norms” being violated.

The president noted the media failures on election problems. He talked on their refusal to give any real coverage of the voting problems or questions.

He called out the Washington establishment interests that gave a steady downpour of poorly-sourced scandal hype for four years. Noting, among other things, that Robert Mueller found essentially nothing.

The President highlighted a sharp contrast. In effect, he showed many DC interests have an anti-conservative slant over what makes something suspicious or criminal.

The results of the presidential election are growing more and more suspect. Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Phill Kline and numerous whistleblowers are looking closer.

The willing or careless errors of certain poll workers, certain government officials and certain technologies are being placed under the microscope. Let’s trust the science and leave nothing to chance.


Watch President Trump’s entire speech here..



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