Dr. Ralph Reed, founder and chairman of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, was recently a guest  on the Conservative Business Journal Podcast discussing his new book, For God and Country – The Christian Case for Trump.

In his book, Dr. Reed vividly and categorically demonstrates a uniquely unprecedented bond between President Trump’s leadership and the global Conservative Christian community as follows:

God’s original plan never changes; God-centered, pro-liberty of life and faith IS the foundation for the Trump leadership and legacy. Period.

He effectively validates that President Trump is not trying to keep anyone from believing in a righteous and prosperous future because all Americans belong – the backbone of Christian values.

Reed successfully reflects on the hopes and fears of America. Outwardly living a life in faith of God, President Trump, unlike any previous US President, has tangibly demonstrated that he cares about constructive positive change.

Trump shares the same human hopes and fears about our nation’s liberation from other countries and faith towards thoughtfully moving America frontward. Or as President Trump says, America First.

In our current time of riots, violence, looting and incivility, For God and Country is necessary reading for all Americans because it presents the strongest and captivating reason to re-elect President Trump.

When our nation needs to heal deep wounds of pain, only President Trump is capable of embracing and helping our country live out our Christian values, especially while our nation is boiling in outrage.

Reed commendably highlights gripping factual knowledge about an American history that handed President Trump a country desperately in need for a government to heal a broken and un-faith-filled America.

There is a pattern and practice by President Trump’s leadership that embodies truth, even when the truth hurts, unwavering empathy, American solidarity and human connection worthy of being a prosperous American. This is what our country desperately needed after the previous President.

In a moment of great pain and trauma for all Americans, Dr. Reed creditably indicates that President Trump is the only kind of global leader that will continue making a life in America with foundational Christian values, worth living.

Reed eloquently confronts an underlying and deeper impact that goes beyond today and/or our election which is the profound implication of our mental and spiritual health of Americans.

This book is ideal for Conservative Christians as well as ALL Americans whose emotions are running high at the thought of the risks and costs of life in an uncertain and restless future.

Rebuilding a country and its lifeline relationships require changing hearts and minds to re-orient the focus on Christian values. Reconstructing a civil society is unequivocally attained by Trump’s leadership because its rooted in Christian values, in accordance with God’s way, not far left, radical groups.

For God and Country is a forward lifting how-to guide that defends President Trump’s leadership, legacy and Christian values against political rebels, enraged liberals, and faithless social heathens.

Dr. Reed luminously brings the Christian Case for Trump in all of its enormous size, complexity and overall context to the forefront for every American seeking a better and more enjoyable life because of God and Trump.

President Trump has been and will always be the only President of the United States of America that has tangibly led continuity of purpose for all Americans because, In God we trust.


Listen to my Conservative Business Journal Podcast with Dr. Ralph Reed to hear more about his book, plus why as a Christian nation we must re-elect Donald J. Trump in November 2020…

Get your copy of Dr. Reed’s NEW book, For God and Country – The Christian Case for Trump here on Amazon…

John Di Lemme

John Di Lemme is a speaker, author, and founder of the Conservative Business Journal with a team of 20+ contributors. He has built one of the top Conservative news sites feared by the fake news with a proven Alexa ranking. John is also host of the absolutely explosive Conservative Business Journal Podcast news media series featuring over 135 guests, the who’s who in the Conservative Movement. Every guest is hand-picked exclusively by John based on their commitment to stand firm on their conservative values and never cower to the liberal left. He is a fierce fighter and protector of Conservative values that are the foundation of America. John has over two decades of experience traveling the world as a Conservative capitalism strategist, elite speaker, top podcaster, and accomplished author of over 20 books including his soon to be released book “Making Capitalism Great Again – How to Maximize America’s Booming Economy Plus the ABCs of Socialism versus Capitalism.”


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