Our Loyal Listeners Love the Conservative Business Journal Podcast! Here are Some Real Reviews from Real People Just Like You…

“Listening to John Di Lemme on the CBJ Real News Podcast Show really makes me feel good about my own Conservative values. I’m surrounded by liberals who tell me how to think act and that I’m just wrong and morally bankrupt. I love the fact that you share your true feelings in this controversial environment we find ourselves in today. I LOVE IT!” – Doug R.

“The Fake Media will be held accountable for what they have done. CBJ Real News are steadfast Patriotic Heroes. Faith Stands and Fear Runs!” – Alexa J.

This guy John Di Lemme is ALWAYS saying the truth. Thank You for giving us the Real News every night. I DO NOT trust any news channels but your Show! Thanks!”
– Lisa B.

“I look forward to your CBJ Real News Podcast Show every night. I’ve been fighting depression for a while but when I’m on here with you guys my spirits are lifted. Thank you for standing up for us and for America. You are both beautiful people. God Bless You.” – Denise L.

“I don’t look at the fake devil’s news! I ONLY listen to the CBJ Real News Show!” – Stephen S.

“John, Thank You for always encouraging me. I can only watch your show. I can’t watch all the other sources as they are all about the criminal Biden.” – Ann P.

“John Di Lemme is an independent Patriot not under anyone’s thumb. He isn’t afraid to tell the Real News. Love your Show!” – Jose G.

“Thank You for giving us the Real News every night. I DO NOT trust any news channels but your Show!” – Lisa B.

“We appreciate you John and Christie! Thank you for being a strong, convicted, voice for America!” – Lori S.

“Everyone here supports CBJ Real News Podcast Show, because of truth and faith in what John and Christie do. We love y’all!” – Larry K.

“We appreciate you for reporting the facts plus the interviews that no one else in the mainstream media has the balls to show!” – Kevin L.

“Thank you for being real and for having the spirit and fire that you both have for our country. We, as your supporters, we’ve got your back. God bless you and thank you for giving us the real news!” – Melissa S.

“Thank you for keeping it real, because I’m so tired of the censorship. I really enjoy you show.” – Terri F.

“Thank you for staying strong in faith for President Trump and prayers for you both for doing the CBJ Real News Podcast exposing the cheating criminal Biden and the rest of the socialist liberal Democrats. Very encouraging for us patriots! You guys are awesome!” – Timothy D.

“I truly appreciate the effort that y’all go through to keep us informed. They can try, but they’ll never shut us down or shut us up!” – Jim W.

“I encourage anyone who can afford to sponsor CBJ Real News Podcast Show to do it so we can continue to have the real news. Especially when mainstream media cannot be trusted anymore!” – Adrian F.

“Thank you so much for the Podcast Show! It feels so good to be a part of something good right now.” – Carrie K.