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Conservative Business Journal Business Advertisers

Many Companies, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs support the mission of the Conservative Business Journal. Some of our Business Advertisers include:

Eric Chamberlain, Landscape Designer
Love Where You Live Home & Landscape Design
I will travel anywhere in America to make your Landscape Dreams
a reality for your home or business.
Call/Text (315) 569-1214 to Schedule Your Free Landscape Design Consultation

Mark & Carol Smith
Mark of Excellence Construction Company
Changing Lives Through Construction!
(561) 746-0001 or Email [email protected] 
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Laureen Falco, CPA LLC
Your Trusted Financial Partner
Providing a Full Range of Business Consulting, Outsourced CFO/Controller,
Accounting & Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation and Planning.
(713) 208-6719
[email protected]

Dr. Christa Krzeminski
Nutrition & Holistic Medicine Expert
Making America Healthy Again!
(954) 570-5848
Call to Schedule Your FREE Private & Confidential Consultation to Discover How to Achieve your Next Level of Health

Hallie Minich
Trusted Essential Oil Expert
Whatever Your Health Concern is…There’s an Oil for That!
(419) 512-0664[email protected]
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Selena Blackston
Blu Butterfly Vintage Boutique
“Rescued & Revived Remnants”
Specializing in Vintage & Upcycled Clothing
[email protected]

Latocia Brown
Handmade High Quality All Natural Soaps and Cosmetics
Vegan Products Available
(813) 308-9605

The Fearless Elephant Store
Get your Trump hats, pins, and other Patriotic gear!  Go to… 

Get the Hell Out of New York
Are You Totally Dissatisfied and Frustrated Knowing Where New York is Heading? 

Distinct Defense, LLC
Our software searches hundreds of local, state and federal tax credits in real time, Find out your benefit now.

John & Christen Adolfi
Adolfi Real Estate
Ranked #1 Realtor in Central NY State
(315) 695-6434[email protected]
Call Today to Receive Our FREE Report, *7* Reasons to List with Adolfi Real Estate

Vincent Russo
Hair By Vin – Personal Hairstylist & Celebrity Stylist
Making You Look Awesome! – You can meet Vin at the Salon or he can travel to your location anywhere in America.
Call (561) 660-2752 Today for Your FREE Hair Consultation for Your New Look!

VETERAN minus spam in their life
Using God’s Word to install hope through testimony and experience to help prevent suicide
Founder & Veteran – Tom Lynch
Call (417) 737-9804 or go to

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Conservative Business Journal Individual Patriot Sponsors

With that being a FACT, we would like express a HUGE THANK YOU to…

Travis & Stefanie K. – Michigan
Dean B. – Wisconsin
Yahshua F. – New York
Anita A. – Arkansas
Stephen S. – Illinois
Ruby T. – New Jersey
Anne S. – Nevada
Diane A. – California
Lori F. – Oklahoma
Ellen C. – New York
Michael S. – Florida
Tim S. – Georgia
Bill & Barbara L. – South Carolina

Jeanette S. – Arkansas
David F. – Indiana
Michelle K. – Rhode Island
Audrey R. – California
Kelly G. – Missouri
James W. – Michigan
Jeff F. – Florida
Sheila B. – Texas
Rhonda B. – Florida
Sherry G. – Pennsylvania
Jim H. – Texas

Joseph G. – Maryland
Geraldine B. – Tennessee
Ruth M. – Ohio
Charles G. – South Carolina
Mimi S. – Florida
Faith T. – New Mexico
Doug R. – Michigan
Joanne R. – Wisconsin

Ticia M. – California
Gwenda F. – Michigan
Kathy G. – California
Ron G. – Florida
Vina W. – Arizona
Bethany V. – Pennsylvania
Robin B. – New Hampshire

Shelburn K. – Michigan
Lori A. – Arizona
Kathy K. – Texas
Grace M. – Missouri
Phyllis A. – Indiana
Stephen S. – Rhode Island
Jackie R. – Florida
Judith J. – Virginia
Carol C. – Georgia
Rhonda L. – North Carolina
Frank A. – New York

Denise L. – New York
Darlene M. – Maryland
Christine R. – Australia
Denine T. – North Carolina
Heberto B. – California
Neva O. – Mississippi
Brian G. – California
Kenny L. – Colorado

Many have said to us…

“I LOVE what you are doing and I truly want to show my support and be part of the Conservative Movement!”

Plus you’ve shared with me and my wife, Christie…

“I can’t thank you enough for all of the hard work you put in every day to produce the *CBJ Real News Show!”

Plus knowing that YouTube and Google have completely demonetized our Show, your financial support is helping us to make a tremendous impact by sharing the Real News.

Here are more of the the Individual Patriots who have financially supported the Conservative Business Journal and CBJ Real News Show…

Janet S. – Mississippi
Heather T. – Canada
Jeff T. – Minnesota
Mark & Carol S. – Florida
Tom L. – Missouri
Ann S. – California
Jay & Barbara C. – Louisiana
Carol L. – Arizona
Jason F. – Michigan
Joe H. – Ohio
Gigi F. – Florida
Cindy H. – Louisiana

There are a variety of ways you can Show Your Support for the Conservative Business Journal, CBJ Real News Show, and what we are doing to protect our nation’s Conservative Foundation.

Are You interested in showing your support like these Fine Patriots
for the Conservative Business Journal – CBJ Real News Show?

Simply REPLY with a *YES* to (561) 847-3467 or [email protected]

Jim W. – Illinois
Yolanda D. – New York
Troy L. – Texas
Brian W. – North Dakota
Mark P. – Minnesota
Anna G. – Indiana
Lorrie P. – Colorado
Vivian B. – Florida
Cindy K. – Louisiana
Jonathan C. – Georgia
Shane M. – Alabama

Dean F. – Texas
Stefan & Libby F. – Florida
Jose G. – New York
Hallie M. – Ohio
Robert G. – Michigan
Ron M. – Washington
Andrian F. – Oregon
Diane R. – Kansas
Doris F. – Illinois
Selena B. – South Carolina
Linda G. – Hawaii
Michelle B. – Ohio

We are in a WAR for the future of our nation, and I consider all of you who have supported us financially as part of our Warrior Team fighting against the radical left!

Are You Interested in showing your support for the Conservative Business Journal – CBJ Real News Show? Simply REPLY with a *YES* to (561) 847-3467 or [email protected]

Tiffany S. – Texas
Linda D. – Kentucky
Melody S. – Tennessee
Cindy B. – Oregon
Mary S. – Texas
Jackie B. – Washington
Sho A. – California
Stephanie T. – Arizona
Timothy D. – Tennessee
Larry & Trish K. – Arkansas
Benjamin P. – Florida
Lucy O. – Tennessee

Micheline P. – Colorado
Carrie H. – Georgia
Eugene & Darcy – Florida 
Norina C. – West Virginia
Jim D. – California
Lissa S. – Tennessee
Brittany C. – South Carolina
Lonnie C. – Louisiana
Paul O. – Tennessee
Chris M. – United Kingdom
Sharon D. – Florida

Alexa J. – Australia
Jay B. – Pennsylvania
Robbie T. – Tennessee
Charlie & Sarah S. – North Carolina
Duane V. – Texas
Carrie K. – Oregon
Marilyn T. – West Virginia
Diane G.- Florida

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Thank You to Our Conservative Business Journal
Anonymous Sponsor for Supporting These Organizations

Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime

Heartbeat of Miami Pregnancy Help Centers
(305) 863-2155

Interested in how you can be one of the Individual Patriot Sponsors, Corporate Sponsors, Business Advertisers, or Anonymous Sponsors who are proudly part of the Conservative Business Journal Movement and fearlessly standing up for what they believe in?

As you can see, there are a variety of ways you can Show Your Support for the Conservative Business Journal and what we are doing to protect our nation’s Conservative foundation.

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