During the coronavirus crisis that has brought our American economy to a screeching halt, customers are looking for businesses that care about them.

Unfortunately, greed drives some businesses that are still open to doing the exact opposite of caring for customers during their time of need. Price gouging is rampant especially on hard to get essentials and food.

To make matters worse, some of our fellow Americans are participating in this greed fest by hoarding these same products, which drives the price up even higher.  My wife, Christie, actually witnessed one of the store employees allowing customers to hoard products despite there being a limit per customer.

Your customers desperately long to be cared all of the time, but even more during a time of crisis. No matter if your doors are open or not, business owners must continue to show their customers that they care about them.

Being cared for is something that anyone can appreciate. This is particularly important in business, because caring for your customers shows them that you value them as people and not just for their money.

Show your customers that you care about serving their needs with your product or service. While this may be nearly impossible right now with the shutdown, do whatever you can to continue building relationships with your customers.

Be creative in what you can do now and be prepared for what you can do immediately when your business reopens and the economy starts to bounce back in a couple of weeks.

Your customers will remember that you cared about them when others were trying to take advantage of them.  You can’t put a price on caring…it’s invaluable!

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John Di Lemme

P.S. This tip is directly from my soon to be released book, “Making Capitalism Great Again – How to Maximize America’s Booming Economy Plus the ABCs of Socialism Versus Capitalism” – www.MakingCapitalismGreatAgain.com 

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John Di Lemme

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