Ken Paxton, Attorney General of Texas, filed a suit directly with the Supreme Court of the United States. He’s stating that election and other officials in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania violated the Constitution.

His claim is they more or less re-invented the voting process for elections using COVID as an excuse. His filing declared “certain officials in the Defendant States presented the pandemic as the justification for ignoring state laws regarding absentee and mail-in voting.” 

These four states are in different stages of fully certifying results. One-eighth of electoral votes, enough to tip either candidate, hangs in the balance. The lawsuit states…

“Without Defendant States’ combined 72 electoral votes, President Trump presumably has 232 electoral votes, and former Vice President Biden presumably has 234. Thus, Defendant States’ electors will determine the outcome of the election.”

Paxton is creatively skipping lower courts in this suit. Many of them, whether federal or state, have shown little interest in useful hearings on voting transparency.

Texas has thrown a dart aimed squarely at the bullseye. What’s that old saying, “Don’t mess with Texas!’


Listen to John Di Lemme’s interview with Lt. Steven Rogers, retired military intel officer and Trump 2020 Advisory Board Member, on this episode of CBJ Real News Podcast – The Biden Scam Series as they discuss how the Democrats are trying to steal the 2020 Election…

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