You really have to laugh at how foolish the Democrats look with the bogus impeachment, but then you realize how much it’s costing the American people…

And it’s no longer funny especially when President Trump and his administration are working so hard to bring real change to our country.

Pelosi’s impeachment fiasco versus President Trump’s China Deal…

Phase 1 of the China Trade Deal will be worth 200 Billion Dollars over the next 24 Months to the United States.

The $200 billion trade deal includes China’s purchase of…

– An average of $40 billion a year in additional purchases of U.S. agriculture products

– $77.7 billion more in U.S. manufactured goods

– $52.4 billion more in U.S. oil and gas purchases

– $37.9 billion in financial and other services

Plus increased protections for U.S. intellectual property

All of this happened on the same day that the looney left started the impeachment against President Trump in the Senate.

The Democrat’s hate for the President has completely taken over and continually compromises their sworn commitment to the American people.

The only way that it will stop is if we, the American people, stand up and declare “no more” by re-electing Trump, taking back the house, and electing Republican leaders nationwide in 2020.

The silent majority can no longer remain silent!


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