Announcing his plans at Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster New Jersey, the President has inked four executive orders to alleviate coronavirus-related economic needs.

President Trump is seeking to re-allocate 44 billion in disaster relief aid and roughly 80 billion dollars in other transferable corona bill monies.

Apart from a move to keep housing on a surer footing for Americans, this is parliamentary shove by the President towards resolving the congressional squabbling and grandstanding over a second round of COVID relief.

The executive orders include…

#1: For those still seeking employment, a maximum 400 dollars per week continued supplemental unemployment insurance was pledged.

Trump stated the federal government would assume three-fourths of this expenditure and that he will leave it to states to individually assume the other one-fourth.

#2: The President called for a payroll tax deferment to carry to the end of the year. This would preclude payroll taxes for earners under $4,000 every two weeks.

The repayment of this delay was not made clear but Trump stressed his hope that the tax which funds social security and medicaid be made permanent.

White House adviser Larry Kudlow clarified on Sunday that the 4-month deferral only would be permanent and the President, by no means, intends to stop funding Medicaid and social security.

#3. President Trump stopped short of a sweeping action to enforce the full halting of evictions instead urging HHS secretary Azar to only consider an eviction ban.

This move, a formal executive action, also calls on Treasury secretary Mnuchin and HUD secretary Carson to seek out additional funds to help struggling renters.

#4. The President’s final measure was to call for student loan payment delay allowances until year’s end. This is in addition to a call for the waiving of interest collected on these loans.

Senator Chuck Grassley, Republican of Iowa, sits on three committees related to finance. Regarding the measures he tweeted “I applaud @realDonaldTrump executive actions to help the American ppl Democrats all or nothing strategy jeopardizes the certainty Americans need to pay their bills . . .”

Court actions are expected to challenge the constitutionality of these measures.

The wise political maneuver would be to ask if the radical left Democrat party is truly concerned about so-called powerful, centralized action by a government or just hate President Trump. Whatever the reasoning, it’s clear that the overall welfare of the American people is not the focus for Democrats.


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