Trump’s legal team is set to go before America’s highest court. The 3rd Circuit Federal Court of Appeals ruled against the Trump team. Rudolph Giuliani, Jenna Ellis and other members were trying to get Pennsylvania’s election certification blocked.

Governor Wolf and Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar were hit with a suit earlier last week. They quietly took the first steps at certification. The evolving charges and strategy by the president’s legal team in Pennsylvania are a needed plea for answers. The blocking of poll watchers, the suspicious “curing” of ballots, and last-minute election law changes are part of their overall case.

This ruling from Friday said, in part, the Trump team’s filings “boil down to issues of state law.”  They, being a federal, regional court didn’t want to rule on that.

The ruling passively acknowledged that Republican poll watchers were blocked from meaningful access. But the circuit court said there is no federal law requiring observers. They also said there are no distance requirements.

In effect, the 3rd Circuit Court said it sees no serious problems. They more or less dismissed Pennsylvania’s suspicious election procedures and suspicious results.

The legal checkers game between Pennsylvania courts and now one federal court have a final stop. Trump’s legal team including Jenna Ellis criticized the 3rd circuit’s decision. She said “On to SCOTUS!” (Supreme Court Of The United States) in a Tweet midday Friday.

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