Being chosen for the Trump Rally White House Press Pool is a privilege not a right, and it’s time that the fake news media treats it that way.

Americans are tired of the fake news and President Trump bashing. Just look at the plummeting ratings of the fake news media channels.

Check out John Di Lemme broadcasting LIVE from in front of the press pit at the Trump Rally in South Florida…


How would you like to book the founder of the Conservative Business Journal, John Di Lemme, for Media Interviews or Speaking Engagements?

John will Inspire and Motivate you by sharing what’s going on in the Conservative Movement that is impacting our nation and how we can work together to Keep America Great…

Plus he will reveal some wisdom from his soon to be released NEW book,…
“Making Capitalism Great Again Plus the ABCs of Socialism versus Capitalism…”

To Inquire on How to Book John Call/Text (561) 847-3467 or Email
[email protected] and say “Book John”

Conservative Business Journal Team

The Conservative Business Journal Team is made up of brilliant writers and journalists from across America that stand behind the Conservative Movement and understand the importance of getting the REAL News to the American people.


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