A fourth Israeli-Middle East diplomatic deal for 2020 was announced this past week. The Trump administration brokered an agreement between the northern African nation of Morocco and Israel.

The nations plan to re-establish airline rights for fly-over safety. The immediate agreement has Israel re-opening diplomatic offices in the cities of Tel Aviv and Rabat.

Yariv Elbaz, a Moroccan investor, took part in the deal. He helped secure $3 billion in US investment, including companies and properties owned by the king, Mohammed VI. The Trump team confirmed the deal but stated it was not contingent on Morocco’s Israel agreement.

Trump advisors Jared Kushner and Avi Berkowitz led the talks.

The US has agreed to recognize Morocco’s right to disputed lands called Western Sahara. Spanish and Algerian forces had long fought with Morocco over the territory.

Many Israeli Jews trace their heritage to Morocco, going back centuries.

This fourth deal again shows the Middle-Eastern attempts to isolate Iran. The country has grown increasingly aggressive on the world stage. They have long been pursuing nuclear capabilities.

Most noted is Morocco’s closeness with Saudi Arabia. The long-time Saudi opposition to Israel may also be melting.


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