Democrat ran cities across our nation are under attack, and their liberal left leadership does nothing to stop the violence that is being promoted in these cities by defunding police departments.

Portland, Oregon just reached Day 80 of lawlessness. Democrats call these riots “peaceful protests”, but they are far from peaceful. Locals are afraid to venture into areas of downtown due to the violence, businesses have been destroyed, and residential neighborhoods targeted.

Watch this behind the scenes footage taken by our Conservative Business Journal Team that shows police doing their best to stop the violence created by “peaceful protesters”…

President Trump has offered federal support to these cities only to be met with resistance. The liberal left city officials would rather watch their cities burn to the ground than accept assistance from the President.

This violence will not only escalate, but also spread throughout our country under the leadership of socialist Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Vote to re-elect Donald J. Trump on November 3, 2020 and restore law and order to our country.Con

Conservative Business Journal Team

The Conservative Business Journal Team is made up of brilliant writers and journalists from across America that stand behind the Conservative Movement and understand the importance of getting the REAL News to the American people.


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