Patriots from across America rallied together at Freedom Plaza, listening to speeches and Pro-America music before marching together toward the Supreme Court demanding that election fraud against President Trump be stopped.

Many waiving American flags, Stop the Steal signs, and a variety of Trump flags as they showed their support for a President that always puts America first and has stood up for the American people for the last four years.

Now, it’s time to stand up for him!

Dan Scavino, White House Director of Social Media, showed his view of the Million MAGA March…


Conservative Business Journal Podcast News Media Series contributor and true Patriot, Pressley Stutts, shot this video of the crowd…

President Trump waving to supporters as his motorcade did a drove by the massive crowd of Patriots…

Don’t be fooled by the liberal media reports or the trolls online telling you that there was only a few thousand people at the Million MAGA March.

They can’t hide the truth that clearly shows the crowd that overwhelmed the streets of our nation’s capital demanding justice for our President.

There were over 70 Million of us that voted to re-elect President Donald J. Trump…maybe likely over 80 Million depending on how many of our votes weren’t counted or were given to Joe Biden. 

We must continue to stand together and fight against the socialist Democrat party that wants to destroy our nation and take away our freedoms.

God Bless America…President Trump, keep fighting!


Listen to my Conservative Business Journal Podcast with former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, as he shares why this is the most important election of our lifetime…

Newt Gingrich - Conservative Business Journal - John Di Lemme

(photo credit: Pressley Stutts, Supreme Court & crowd)

John Di Lemme

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