After repeated attempts at a meaningful court examination on Pennsylvania’s voting mess, a Federal Appeals Court has agreed to hear the Trump team’s case.

The 3rd US Circuit Court hearing was fast-tracked as Trump’s legal team cited technicalities on the deadline for vote certification.

With over 100,000 ballots in dispute, it is a Constitutional case over “curing.” This editing, fixing of incomplete or error ballots, Trump’s team argues, happened much more in PA’s blue counties than it’s red counties.

If accurate, this presents a due process obstacle to voting and could be truly unconstitutional. This after an award-winning math professor’s sworn statement regarding a likely calculation that calls tens of thousands of Pennsylvania ballots into question.

Filings from the Trump team were due Monday by 4pm. Pennsylvania’s secretary of state has until Tuesday afternoon to respond.

If the Trump campaign loses its appeal, it could ask the U.S. Supreme Court to review the case.



Listen to this episode of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast as John Di Lemme interviews Phill Kline, former Kansas Attorney General and Director of The Amistad Project, about how the Democrats and blue state governors used covid-19 fear to change the way we vote and how elections are managed especially in places like Pennsylvania…

Phill Kline - Pennsylvania - Election Fraud - Conservative Business Journal

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