Democrats would like for Americans to believe that President Trump is a racist that wants nothing more than to stop immigration completely and return all people that currently live in the United States illegally to their countries of origin.  Neither of these overused Democratic talking points are true.

Trump has clearly stated that he wants to improve America’s immigration system for everyone’s benefit and stop people from illegally crossing our borders (especially criminals).  He has never declared that there would be a wide sweep across our nation that will deport everyone that isn’t a citizen no matter their individual circumstances. 

So why do so many Americans believe the lies of the liberal left? 

Because the mainstream fake news media has given them free reign to spread their fabrications like wildfire across the airwaves. That’s why we must educate ourselves and share the truth others that have been duped by the Democrats.

Here are some REAL Results achieved by the Trump administration and the truth about how Congress’ failure to act is worsening our current immigration crisis. These are facts released by

STEMMING THE SURGE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: President Donald J. Trump’s efforts to confront this crisis are delivering results.

  • September saw 52,546 aliens apprehended or deemed inadmissible at the southern border, the lowest numbers for any month in fiscal year (FY) 2019. 
    • This marked a decline of more than 60 percent from the peak in May 2019.
  • Border Patrol apprehensions between ports of entry totaled 40,507 in September, a 20 percent decline from August.
    • September marked the fourth consecutive month that apprehensions declined.
    • Border Patrol apprehensions have declined by an average of 26 percent each month over the past four months.

STEPPING UP TO SECURE THE BORDER: Though Congress has failed to act to address this crisis, President Trump has stepped up.

  • President Trump has worked to get other countries in the region, like Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, to step up and do their part to address this crisis.
  • Mexico has enhanced their border security efforts thanks to President Trump’s negotiating, deploying thousands of troops to address this crisis.
    • The Administration has expanded the Migrant Protection Protocols to require aliens to wait in Mexico while their immigration cases proceed, pursuant to 8 U.S.C. § 1225(b)(2)(C).
      • The Administration reached an agreement in principal with Guatemala, consistent with 8 U.S.C. § 1158(a)(2)(A), to have migrants apply for asylum there.
      • The Administration negotiated agreements with El Salvador and Honduras on asylum.
      • The Administration is working with other countries in the region to target human smugglers.
      • The President is continuing to build the wall, with 163 miles of new border wall system under construction now and 450 miles expected to be completed by the end of next year.

COMMITTED TO STOPPING THIS CRISIS: While the President has achieved progress, we continue to face a dire crisis at our border due to Congressional Democrat-backed policies.  

      • Congressional Democrat-backed policies created this crisis, yet they have failed to step up and take action to fix it.
      • The Administration has rigorously enforced the laws as written and enacted. Unfortunately, activist judges continue to impede our ability to follow the law as written.
      • In total, more than 977,000 aliens were apprehended or deemed inadmissible at our southern border in FY 2019 – an 88 percent increase from FY 2018.
      • Border Patrol apprehended more than 851,000 aliens between ports of entry in FY 2019, an increase of more than 115 percent from FY 2018.
      • We experienced an overwhelming number of family unit aliens and unaccompanied minors at our border – putting an incredible strain on border personnel, facilities, and local communities.
        • Border Patrol apprehended a record 473,682 family unit aliens in FY 2019, which is 342 percent higher than the previous record set in FY 2018.
      • Border Patrol saw a 52 percent increase in apprehensions of unaccompanied minors, rising to 76,000 in FY 2019.

Share these REAL Facts and spread the REAL News about what President Trump is doing to keep America safe and reform our nation’s immigration system plus help educate Americans on how the Democrats are worsening the immigration crisis.



John Di Lemme

John Di Lemme is a speaker, author, and founder of the Conservative Business Journal with a team of 20+ contributors. He has built one of the top Conservative news sites feared by the fake news with a proven Alexa ranking. John is also host of the absolutely explosive Conservative Business Journal Podcast news media series featuring over 135 guests, the who’s who in the Conservative Movement. Every guest is hand-picked exclusively by John based on their commitment to stand firm on their conservative values and never cower to the liberal left. He is a fierce fighter and protector of Conservative values that are the foundation of America. John has over two decades of experience traveling the world as a Conservative capitalism strategist, elite speaker, top podcaster, and accomplished author of over 20 books including his soon to be released book “Making Capitalism Great Again – How to Maximize America’s Booming Economy Plus the ABCs of Socialism versus Capitalism.”


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